I don't always write blog posts... But when I do, I do it in Org-mode.

Latest posts

  • Back to Fedora!

    I’ve written about Fedora, RedHat, IBM and CentOS in my previous posts. To recap shortly: I was using Fedora Linux for a long time, but stopped using it around release... Read
  • Emacs in the cloud!

    So I moved my Emacs to the cloud. Well, partially, at least (more on that later below). Everything started few weeks ago when I was moving one of my servers... Read
  • Dockerized Jekyll

    In my previous post I told about switching from Fedora to CentOS. Most of the software was pretty easy to set up, and if something was missing, it was quite... Read
  • IBM and Red Hat (and Fedora and CentOS)

    Good news: Red Hat CTO talks about Red Hat’s future with IBM So it looks like RH is staying independent and continue its amazing work for the open source community.... Read
  • Emacs and SMTP with gmail

    Today I learned very elegant trick to send e-mail asynchronously and reliably from Emacs. The example code is for gmail, but I’m sure it can be adapted to any SMTP... Read

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