According to news, IBM just acquired Red Hat.

What does this mean for Fedora? I don’t know, and it is too early to say anything about it. We’ll see.

But for sure it is now a good time to start looking for Plan B. Basically, my only real Fedora dependency is the SELinux-based sandboxing. Obviously, I’m a huge fan of Fedora and SELinux in general, but technically speaking, it’s the sandbox that prevents me just switching overnight. I’d hate to do it, but that’s life.

The Plan B would be to replace my sandboxed browsing setup with OS-independent containers. So what are the options?

Option 1 firejail

  • Very similar to my current setup
  • Can reuse my Xephyr and Stumpwm setup
  • Seems to be actively maintained

Option 2 Full VM containers

  • Better containment, but difficult to monitor
  • Slow, eats up lots of resources