Just found out a super nice and intuitive Emacs jump-mode, called ace-jump-mode.

Installed it from MELPA and just added these lines to .emacs:

(setf ace-jump-mode-scope 'window)
(global-set-key (kbd "C-:") 'ace-jump-mode)

I use window as the jump scope, because it fits the best to my frame-based setup. I also just took the suggested key binding from similar package avy (instead of default C-c SPACE, which I didn’t like). Oh why didn’t I then install avy? Because that wasn’t available in MELPA.

So what’s the deal?

This is how I use it: when I have a document or a piece of code in front of me, and I want to jump to certain position, instead of reaching for mouse, or using isearch, or hitting the arrow keys, I just enter C-: then the first char of the word I want to jump, and then the char suggested by ace-jump-mode. It’s very fast and intuitive.