I’m also an avid runner. I run daily, but I don’t train for any particular distance. Instead, I try to train generically to all distances from 800 meters up to half marathon.

I compete in the master’s 45-50 age group.

My current PB’s for various distances are:

  • 800m 2.11
  • 1500m 4.26
  • 3000m 9.43
  • 5000m 16.52
  • 10km road 35.30
  • 1/2 marathon 1.23
  • Full marathon 3.04

I’m better in the shorter track events, but lately my lower back has been troubling me a lot, so I’ve done mostly long easy mileage. Maybe I’ll try marathon again some day.

This is me running

You can follow my trainings in Strava.